'ELIZABETH' is a title sequence I created during my time at Sixth Form as an opening to a long form TV show. The sequence itself is fake with there being no show to come of it so all actors names in it (Taken from 'A Game of Thrones') are used purely for image and to get an idea of what I was trying to create. 

The brief of my unit was to create an opening title sequence to a long form TV show specifically within the genre of 'crime'. At the time and still now this particualar genre isn't one of my favourites so I twisted it a little by making my story more involved with Drama/Mystery with Crime acting as a 'sub-genre'. Needless to say I got away with this and 'ELIZABETH' began. 


The task began with mind-mapping 3 ideas in total. 'ELIZABETH' however was still the first concept I came up with despite creating three ideas and of course was the one I ended up choosing. 


Mason Collins a young man from South-East of England who meets a young woman, Ellie, of the same age and begins to become interested in her. Through the first episode we are given flashbacks to his past were we see him as a 10year old boy playing with a little girl where it's soon revealed the little girl was murdered. However he begins to believe the young woman is the little girl from his past and she was never killed, beginning to believe she's a ghost coming back to solve the case on who killed her with his help. More twists come to light when all the clues point to him being her killer and we begin to question if she's a figment of his mind as a way to forgive himself for the crime he's committed. 


As a way to get an early feel and idea of how I wanted my title sequence to look I decided to make myself an animatic. With this I was able to plan out what shots I needed to fill up the time required (around 1min) and make sure nothing felt too short or was dwelled on too long. I was able to see if what I was planning fit the tone and worked well together - I wanted each shot to be linked to the story I created and held symbolism for it. 


In my original plan I wanted to feature a female child however being able to get one was out of my range so I settled for friends. My best friend and ex-boyfriend were kind enough to step in to be the models I needed, allowing  me to blind fold them and splatter paint on their bodies - thank you guys, real troopers. My best friend in particular ended up being inspiration for the project towards the end, having the aesthetic that I was looking for within the character 'Elizabeth' and created the mystery that I was trying to embed within the scene.