Welcome to my website!

Hello my dearest's,

I hope that you are enjoying my website so far and are not too put off by my amateur film-making, I promise you as time goes on my films will grow and I hope to inspire you as they do. However first I must start with hello and welcome, I hope your stay here is warm and calming and you find yourself entertained and interested within my work for it is the thing I care most for in my life in terms of ambition and passion. Please be kind, I am still learning as I create but that does not mean I do not wish to hear your words and criticism too! But no work can be improved if all the meaning behind a comment is hate so be wary of what you may say.

This is the first of many posts to come so for now i'll keep this one brief and in the future I will hopefully have words to say of value (at least to someone).

Sincerely, Honey

[Louanne Honey]

#welcome #website #first

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