Building my first set!


So far within film there has only been one occasion where I have had a set built for one of my projects and that was 'The Chime of Youth'. I however was not the one who built it (as if I could ever reach that standard of set design!) and I can now officially say I salute the ones who did build it because today I just built my first ever set and god am I KNACKERED.

The set I built today (not alone might I add) was a WW2 Anderson Shelter for a short two minute film with the Uni I'm studying at (NUA). The film itself relies very heavily on the location and my grade relies very heavily on the set as both sound and set design are the narrative drivers for this project. It was incredibly important to my group for this set to look realistic and authentic especially with the costing we put towards it. did it turn out?

Well, if I do say so myself I wouldn't say not too bad it's pretty decent. 7 walls, a studio, a cardboard bed and a bean stained carpet and bingo our set is all good to go and ready to begin shooting. Dim the lights and the horror begins (oh yes it's a horror by the way).

But in all serious I have found myself with a new-found respect for set-designers, not that I didn't respect them before it's just now I REALLY respect them. My back aches, i'm covered in paint and I haven't eaten all day - set-design is HARD. But I'm so happy I took the challenge to learn how to be one and in the end make a well-rounded set to show off. I don't think I'm going to be a set-designer any time soon but i'm glad I took the opportunity to give it a go.

Maybe i'll go more in depth with the subject again in another post but for now I'm super hungry and tired aha.

Sincerely, Honey

[Louanne Honey]

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