Anna Ferrera as Lillian 

Voice Cast: 

Lauren Walker 

Robert Lancaster 

Ruiyang Zhang



Screenwriter/Set Design

Cinematographer: Robert Lancaster 

On-Set Sound Recordist: Lauren Walker

Editor: Jack Bryer 

Sound Designers:

Lauren Walker

Robert Lancaster

Ruiyang Zhang

Production Designers:

Jack Bryer

Tully Mead

Director: Cara Howard

Producer: Adekemi Roluga, Lorna DeMello

Cinematographers: Charlotte Halpern, Matthew Willson

Sound Recordists: Jaan Kurtulan, Nathaniel Turner

Production Designer: Krishan Sharda

Editors: Amanda White, MK Giannico

Lead Tutor: Ewan Stewart

'Sweet Tooth' is a short film I was tasked with making at Norwich University of the Arts with a randomly selected team of six. The brief was that there would be 3 sound designers and 3 set designers with both sound and set design driving the narrative of the film which was to be no longer than 2mins long. 

We were given 8 weeks altogether to make the film with a shooting day not being able to exceed 6hrs - this included building the set and taking it down. 

I was also the Screenwriter for the project and once on-set I ended up becoming First AD as a way to keep time under control.